1. Superbia/Hubris (Pride)

His Pride is so strong that he has forsaken those who are in need.

In Pride the root of every sin doth lie; Hence man himself doth hold in loftier frame than others, and deserving lot more high. (English poem).

The Good Angel coveteth evermore man’s salvation,
The Bad beseteth him evermore to his damnation,
And God have given man free arbitration,
Whether he will himself save, or his soul perish.
Within his castle Mankind is safe, the sins cannot harm him,
except he gives them power to do so.
The seven sins, the kings three
To mankind have enmity;
Sharply shall they now help me,
This castle for to break.
Bad Angel: Nay: by Belial’s bright bones,
There shall he in no wise dwell,
He shall be won from holy ways.
To the world the flesh and the Devil of Hell

(Castle of Perserverance 1426- Morality Play)

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